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365 Days of short, actionable lessons, mindset uplifts, & real strategies for Network Marketers ready to step into success-- authentically!

It's like a spoon full of sugar to start your magic mornings. Get it right in your inbox (

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Feeling a little stuck on your Network Marketing Journey?

...unsure where to start?

...can't find the support you need?

...worried you'll have to give it all up?

...feeling like no one believes in your big dreams?

What if you could have a HUGE boost from a trusted confidant --a Network Marketer who's been exactly where you are now--right in your back pocket?

A cheerleader who, through mindset and brass tack strategy rose to 7-figures--and now, she's gonna show you how to do the same.

Great news: You don't have to wish for that kind of support any more!

She's here--all for you!

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The Daily Dose of Authenticity is like having a business bestie in your inbox-every day of the year.

Some days you just need that little 'umph', that little spark, that nudge to get you on the path of following your dreams.

Sure, you can survive without it--but why would you?

Here's the thing, building the life you love in Network Marketing doesn't have to feel like a lonely uphill slog.

The Daily Dose of Authenticity is the ticket to helping you bust your mindset blocks, set up strategies that actually work, and live life as your most authentic self--all while setting up a business and life you're overjoyed to live.

And support like that? It gets you places like:

  • Overcoming self-doubt. When it feels like everyone around you is saying "it's not possible"--learn how to tune it out and do you.
  • Solve real business problems. When you come up against those monumental business challenges, just reach for your virtual mentor.
  • Ditching inauthenticity. When you live life or run a business in any way that doesn't feel like you, every day feels like "bleh". And it doesn't have to be like that!
  • Making money--your way. Do good, feel good, make good money (and we mean real good money).
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Here's how the Daily Dose of Authenticity takes you from lonely, aspiring entrepreneur, to a drive woman of authenticity and grit living her best life.

When you get in on the Daily Dose of Authenticity you get:

  • Short, audible lessons and doses of inspiration sent right to your inbox daily.
  • Morning reminders to set your day up for success.
  • Actionable advice and "homework" to build your business right -- day by day.

Every day of the year--holidays, weekends, get the idea--you receive that little push to make your mornings and your entire day magical and joyful.

(We don't take a single day off from inspiring, motivating, and teaching you all you need to know about success in Network Marketing).

Get Daily Doses of ALL the things you need to succeed like:

  • Upholding personal boundaries--in life and in business this will keep you moving full steam ahead without burning out.
  • Understanding your numbers--all the numbers that make up a year in your business are key in knowing you're doing things right.
  • Making your recruits successful--they're the lifeblood of your business. Train 'em right, keep 'em engaged. The daily Dose will show you how.
  • Believing in yourself when others don't--sure this isn't a great feeling, but there are ways to push forward anyway!

And so sooo much more (361 Doses more to be exact!)

It's time for your daily reminder that you're rockin' it in your biz. your daily piece of actionable advice. Your daily dose of caring wisdom and mentorship.

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The mind behind the Daily Dose of Authenticity --

Hi there, I'm Brooke.

I'm the founder of Social Tenacity. More importantly though--I'm a coach, leader, and teacher for highly motivated Network Marketers ready to show up authentically and fiercely in their business.

And, I'm going to tell you something right now--I believe in you! I know the road looks long and tough. Sure, it definitely can be hard...but it doesn't have to be. Making your journey to Network Marketing success a joyful one is what I live for.

I support women with a fire burning inside. The ones who know there's so much more out there for them--and that with the right tools they can live a life of tenacious authenticity.

I want that for you. You deserve it.

So, what do you say? Can I drop in on the daily to get you where you're going?

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